Sondelle Music

Wedding Music in Sydney


Sondelle offers a wide range of ensembles to cater for your preference, taste and budget.

Flute and Strings Quartet

Our quartet plays all the famous works from the string quartet repertoire, from Baroque and Classical styles to Romantic and 20th Century works, as well as many works written especially for flute and strings. We have built up an impressive collection of pop songs, love songs, TV and movie themes, show tunes and light jazz. If we do not have that special piece of music you're looking for, there may be an existing edition that we can buy or we can make an arrangement (re-write the music for our combination of instruments) for you. The beautiful sound of the flute blends perfectly with the stringed instruments.

Flute and Strings Trio

This ensemble has a similar sound to the quartet and can play most of the quartet repertoire. Very popular.

Flute (or Violin) and cello

For those with a budget this group can play many of the well known classics.

Flute and Guitar

This charming ensemble is ideal for smaller functions. Plays classical music with a South American or Spanish feel.

Flute and Harp

Two gorgeous instruments together! Very Romantic!

Woodwind Ensembles

Why not be different and consider a woodwind ensemble? Woodwinds can create a stylish and elegant ambiance just as well as strings. Some combinations available are:

  • 2 flutes and 'cello (or bassoon),
  • flute, clarinet and bassoon,
  • 4 flutes (2 concert flutes, alto and bass flute)
  • woodwind quintet (flute, oboe, clarinet, horn and bassoon).